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Prepare to be a part of something BIG- the Life Is So Amazing Movement, where we lean into what we love and follow our passions and priorities to build an Amazing Life on purpose! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll be more motivated to get going to build your own amazing days, weeks, months and years ahead!


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Hi Friends!

I'm Lisa.

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I am just like you.

I hear you, I see you and I’m here for you. Let’s work on building your most Amazing Life.

I, like you, want to have an amazing life. But we all know that life isn’t always amazing. Knowing that, I believe that never giving up is the name of the game. Life Is So Amazing…until it isn’t. Sometimes parts of our lives can be Amazing, while other parts, not so much. Invite me on your journey to help take your dreams and convictions to reality, as you gain clarity and a connection to what you really want for your life.

My courses and coaching, along with your commitment will help you create your most Amazing Life!

"When I tune in, Lisa's messages always directly speak to me and I can relate to everything. It always is a reminder to me of how Life is So Amazing!


 Pam Neuman

"Inspiring. Uplifting. Fun. I absolutely love being a part of Life Is So Amazing with Lisa and so many other positive women supporting each other!"

Jayna Emerson

Get Ready To Live Your Most Amazing Life!

I can't wait to help you become the most amazing version of yourself!

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Our Promises to You


We're your trusted friends.
We believe in you and your ability to create the life of your dreams. We will surround you with the love and support you need to get there.

We're your daily motivators.
We're here each and every day, whether it's on our daily LIVE show in the Facebook group or on our other social media platforms, our goal is to lift you up and help you get where you want to go with your life.

We're your Life Purpose & Positivity Coach.
Trust Lisa and her team to provide you with coaching options that fit your life- time and resources- as you invest in your future with us as your partners.