$137.00 USD

Shake Your Assets Course

Are you willing to do the work to prioritize yourself, reinvent your life, and leave the past behind, all while staying resilient and celebrating your successes to live your most amazing life? Then this course is for you!

This "Shake Your Assets" Course was created to help you:

  • See what you're best at
  • Discover what makes you happy in your work
  • Define your purpose
  • and create a plan to combine your assets and your purpose and to ultimately live your most amazing life!

In this course, you will find the path to your most Amazing Life by taking the time to figure out what truly jazzes you up and how you could do more of that and less of the things that deplete you. 

For decades I have helped hundreds of people, young and old, grow in their lives through mentoring and coaching. My experience as a mentor and coach have been instrumental in building community and helping women and youth who believe they were made for more to build their most amazing lives. I am here today to help you to the same! Let’s Shake Your Assets!